The third release from Belarusian producer Funkyjaws’ eponymous label passes the hat around and collects a wide variety of tracks from friends, who then proceed to fuck the shit out of them with reconstructed 303s. That’s not glib: each of the artists on Funkyjaws & Friends takes a record from a completely unrelated genre — boogie music, disco, even Middle Eastern funk — and spikes it with an unhealthy but utterly delicious dose of acid. It tastes like no blotter you’ve ever eaten before.

Said friends on Funkyjaws & Friends include Eddie C, whose “Do You Wanna Dance” leads off with a send-up of classic (we mean ’84, ’85 at the latest) Chicago house when a cheerful R&B/pop chorus being recorded at the studio across the hall meets a chirping 303 and decomposes into a dark acid rinse-out.

Scruscru + S. Timoshenko’s “ACE! ID?” is, you have to guess, both a clever pun and titled after the phrase found in the comments section after every single mix ever posted to SoundCloud. Wicked, unfathomably twisted disco corrupted like Sauron through its contact with a rogue 303. Funkyjaws’ “In Your Ear With It” roams in the same boundaries, but with even more chill disco, celestial and even grandiose, moderated by a pilotless 303. In each case, the acid takes over, no matter how compelling and catchy the original, proving that you can add acid to anything if you’re okay with it becoming more acid.

This record’s release date has been a bit of a moving target but is now listed as being available in May 2023.

⚪️ Tracklisting

Eddie C, Elado, Funkyjaws, Scruscru & S. Timoshenko: Funkyjaws & Friends (Funkyjaws / 12" Vinyl Only)
A1. Eddie C - "Do You Wanna Dance"
A2. Elado - "25.4 Millimeters"
B1. Scruscru & S Timoshenko - "Ace! ID?"
B2. Funkyjaws - "In Your Ear With It"

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo by Private Pool.

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