They’re cleaning up after the band played for a small and mostly distracted audience. It’s late and you’re one of the last one’s standing at the neighborhood bar or lounge, everyone else has sunk into the fake leather booths or has slunk off in search of someplace with a 4am liquor license. The bartender’s humming to himself, the barback leans on the keys of the piano, plucking out a few accidental, sparse chords and one of the folks lost in the couch cushions pulls a set of souvenir bongos off the walls and starts playing along.

I stole the outlines of that scenario from a Dan Hartman video, but it’s a plausible aesthetic for “Pressure,” a new single from Eddie Leader and Chez Damier (under the guise of his “Kids In The Streets” alias). It’s an afterhours jam, a small masterpiece for those lucky enough to have been there. For those who know.

Apparently the real story is not that far off: a canceled flight, a drive from London to Manchester and then some outtakes from a post-show studio session. The vibe is fun but casual, ad hoc in a sense — just a few machines and a few pairs of hands to work them, with Chez’s vocal starting off like those old Lightnin’ Hopkins Sunday school tapes and the chatter before he hit the first chord. Instead of a guitar they hit the keys — tones drawn in pencil and watercolors, outlines that curve and pool together in unexpected bursts of sound and shape. For some people this is late night music. It’s early morning for some and some of us live our whole lives at an afterhours tempo. All four tracks are mixed for different occasions — instrumental, dub and dubstrumental — for whatever time you’re awake.

⚪️ Pressure Tracklisting

Eddie Leader ft. Kids in the Streets: Pressure (Hudd Traxx / 12" Vinyl + Digital)
1. Pressure
2. Pressure (Instrumental)
3. Pressure (Dub)
4. Pressure (Dubstrumental)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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