Fly By Night Music is the rather unfair name of one of the most interesting labels going right now. Their original releases have been sublime, and have spared no expense in recruiting folks like Rick Wade, Moodymanc, Kai Alce and Jenifa Mayanja as remixers. There are also several vinyl-only projects digging into the past, including Mr. Macdonald’s “East Dry River,” Jimmy Chambers’ “You Can’t Fight It” and now EKO’s “Funky Disco Music.”

“Funk Disco Music” includes 3 tracks from the A side of EKO Roosevelt Louis’ album of the same name. Released by Dragon Phenix in France, Funky Disco Music is widely regarded a rare (and increasingly expensive per discogs) treasure of African Disco and Afrobeat. Included here is the relentlessly cheerful title track, the over-the-top mover “Ndolo Embe Mulema” and dreamy, ethereal “Bowa’a Mba Ngebe.” Riccio was featured on the Chambers’ reissue and returns to remix (or rerub) “Funky Disco Music” with a fuller bottom and a big hippie smile.


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