Built on a foundation of eclectic samples stacked on high, Ethyene’s Brotherly Love is an LP in length and epic in scope. Ethyene brings a solid background in chill hip hop and downtempo – like the best DJs in the world, when the opportunity arises to be funky, he grabs that shit and drives it home.

Brotherly Love flows like a 12 hour party compressed through drugs and delirium down to a 48 minute dream. Start with “Should’ve Been The Place,” which leads off deluding you into believing this is going to be another lo-fi house yawn but bursts forth in color and tone into deep and soulful jam. “Oye Sabrosura” is dark and spooky, samples lingering throughout like a tidal pulse. The title track is the strongest track on here, at least for those mining for secret weapons that DJs crave. A driving bassline and soul-with-strings make this some seriously high octane shit.

Every now and then, Ethyene drives this back to the shoulder of the road and slows down to let you take in the sights. If you can’t meet him there, adjust the pitch control accordingly. DJ Krush feels like an influence, or better said DJ Krush doing house, if he ever would.

Ethyène: Brotherly Love / Moonrise Hill Material
A1. Ethyène: “Should’ve Been The Place” (2:55)
A2. Ethyène: “Oye Sabrosura!” (6:29)
B1. Ethyène: “Brotherly Love” (5:28)
B2. Ethyène: “Baddington Pear” (5:38)
B3. Ethyène: “No Matter Quoi” (3:14)
C1. Ethyène: “Flowers Drink” (5:34)
C2. Ethyène: “La-Butte-Aux-Cailles” (6:16)
D1. Ethyène: “Indigo Memories” (4:56)
D2. Ethyène: “Gentlemen Never Run” (feat Marc Bianco) (3:33)



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