Hudd Traxx has introduced a plethora of interesting deep house and techno artists over the last 10 years and this may be your introduction to one more. I believe this is the same Evan Michael who released the Acid Anonymous 12″ on Drumpoet a few years back and more recently a fine record on Culprit. His Rainmaker is a four track vinyl EP that hit like a fresh breeze peeling off the lake after a torrid heat wave. “Duende” is just magnificent – the kind of moody, mental deep house rooted in soul and of a kind championed by the likes of Chez Damier. It feels like Hudd Traxx has a near monopoly on this sound, and it’s a reputation that’s well earned.

“Rainmaker” is a significant twist-up – more Detroit than Chicago, and more Detroit than Berlin on its best day. This is a fine addition to the Hudd Traxx family, whose alumni populate these pages issue after issue and will always have a home around here.

Evan Michael: Rainmaker (Hudd Traxx)
A1. Evan Michael: “Duende” (6:12)
A2. Evan Michael: “PCH Passing” (7:32)
B1. Evan Michael: “Machine Pepper” (6:07)
B2. Evan Michael: “Rainmaker” (7:10)


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