A few years from now we’re going to look back on this era of Bandcamp fondly. The craziest motherfuckers in the world are dumping the craziest tracks you’ve ever heard on there and it’s the closest thing I’ve found that replicates the real, tactile experience of crate digging. Some days you get up early and spend all day flipping through shitty “easy listening” records and come up empty. Sometimes you drop in for five seconds and the first record you see is an absolute gem.

It’s all gonna go to shit soon, some people will scoff it already has but they didn’t just stumble across this 10 track album of songs without titles, made by people (I assume…) I’ve never heard of and released without promotion or fanfare – just lurking in the tall weeds and ready to strike.

These border on the experimental side but it’s experiments with acid and I don’t think you can go wrong with that. Acid on Acid is Heaven on Earth Vol 6 is a follow up on albums with titles like Acid Against Police Part 3 and Acid Against Opportunism and most of them take the opportunity to say fuck the system and call people bitches in the liner notes too.

I don’t know – maybe it’s me, maybe you have to grow up spending your time in canvas tents and mud up to your ankles waiting for Hyperactive to come on and pop your fucking eardrums rather than going to school and getting good grades but I could listen to this shit all day long without pause. Tracks like “Untitled 2” and “Untitled 5” sound like a grimy & improvised recording from a live PA; “Untitled 3” and some of the other tracks feel more like clean and thought out studio work. The whole package is dope. These folks have uploaded a huge amount of material; I know what I’m doing this weekend.

Faceless Junkies Deluxe: Acid on Acid is Heaven on Earth Vol 6
1. Faceless Junkies Deluxe: Untitled 1 (04:03)
2. Faceless Junkies Deluxe: Untitled 2 (05:32)
3. Faceless Junkies Deluxe: Untitled 3 (10:03)
4. Faceless Junkies Deluxe: Untitled 4 (06:32)
5. Faceless Junkies Deluxe: Untitled 5 (08:21)
6. Faceless Junkies Deluxe: Untitled 6 (07:08)
7. Faceless Junkies Deluxe: Untitled 7 (09:13)
8. Faceless Junkies Deluxe: Untitled 8 (05:35)
9. Faceless Junkies Deluxe: Untitled 9 (06:23
10. Faceless Junkies Deluxe: Untitled 10 (08:56)



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