March saw the release of 34 tracks spread out across 7 EPs and albums by Faceless Junkies Deluxe, which is pretty fucking intense even by his standards. Though I’ve finally found out who is making these (or rather he found me, on Twitter of all places), the mystery behind the white hot intensity of the FJD project is still compelling me. For a scene which has become dominated by DJs who never really DJ’d, producers who don’t really produce and unknown, unchallenged talents with no reputation but a worldwide booking agent and headshots that make them look like J Crew models, a guy spraying out records he’s made for the sheer joy of the sounds he makes on them has a measure of appeal. Obviously.

These four tracks on TR-909+TR-606 TRAX have no names, just a sound, rough, jagged, pocked by notches and oiled down until they flash like thermite boring down through the asphalt. These sound like they were recorded in a single session and they probably were, “analog love recorded techno tracks” being the only information you get to guide you.

I don’t know if I’m cracked or everyone else is or if we all took too many dives into the bass bins to Hyperactive to know what’s what anymore, but I love what this is all about and I’m going to keep championing this guy until his riffing tracks begin to populate the earth.

Faceless Junkies Deluxe: TR-909+TR-606 TRAX
1. Faceless Junkies Deluxe: Untitled (04:31)
2. Faceless Junkies Deluxe: Untitled (04:20)
3. Faceless Junkies Deluxe: Untitled (04:46)
4. Faceless Junkies Deluxe: Untitled (05:00)


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