Originally released on Steve “Silk” Hurley’s S&S label back in 2013, “Get To Steppin‘” was a solid enough track created by two members of House Music royalty, Fast Eddie & CeCe Peniston. Catching the tail-end of the electro-house era and possibly an attempt at reaching a mainstream audience, the original package contained remixes which frankly sounded dated even at the time, which was a bit of a shame considering the lineage of the artists involved.

In the three years since its release, club-goers all over the world have occasionally been treated to a very different version of the track; one with the level of integrity which the original deserved. It’s often a mystery with House Music – the best tracks float around in obscurity for a very long time, played by a select few DJs before eventually bubbling to the surface. As it turns out, on this occasion the reason is all-too simple: Chuck Daniels & Jason Hodges aka Border Patrol missed the remix deadline and their reworking was relegated to being released on a vast compilation album. Now taking centre stage on Sampled Detroit, their version brims with attitude and energy, arranged for maximum dance-floor effect whilst utilising only the very best parts of CeCe Peniston’s vocal performance.

Chuck and Jason have also gone to the lengths of putting together a brand new and entirely different version for this release, which if anything provides even more bounce to the ounce. Finally, a couple of remixes which do justice to the two truly legendary names on the front cover. Hats off to Chuck Daniels & Jason Hodges. I love a happy ending.

Out: Released March 4, available digitally from Beatport.