Fata Morgana is the name of a mirage that forms just above the horizon, caused when layers of different temperatures in an atmospheric duct bend rays of light as they pass through. Medieval sailors thought the distorted objects in the distance were magical castles suspended in the air. That magical, esoteric rip in the fabric of reality is the inspiration for this first of two EPs from Madrid-based producer Vasco Ispirian released in January on his label Made In Green’s Collateral Series.

The sound of Fata Morgana I is stripped down, raw, playing out how you’d hear music in a live PA… which is apparently how he perfected this style of music. The overall effect across the five track EP is dreamy, atmospheric and densely visual — most people say “cinematic” when they basically mean “abstract” or even “undanceable” but that’s totally not the case here. Ispirian’s tracks are rooted in music for dancing; they may overwhelm and even overpower the central nervous system and bang on your somatosensory cortex, but these tracks are made to be lived through. Nothing grounds your music in the sinful world of the flesh more than acid and “Acid Tears” is wrapped up tight in wobbly and slightly sinister tweaks and squelches. Vasco Ispirian uses an intentionally limited palette here: the individual tracks both flow together and show an internal unity as parts of a singular, unified whole. “Acid Tears” boils off into “Una y Otra Vez” leaving a hard, techno stomp behind. This is a dope concept and Ispirian nails the landing.

⚪️ Fata Morgana I Tracklisting

Vasco Ispirian: Fata Morgana I (Made In Green Collateral Series / Digital)
1. Wickbush (05:20)
2. Acid Tears (05:25)
3. Una Y Otra Vez (05:49)
4. Mirage (05:50)
5. March Third (04:44)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.


5 Mag Issue 211
Out January 2024

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