Incredible to think that Local Talk, which some of us remember just getting started, has amassed such a vast and deep catalog that rework projects like these are possible. OPOLOPO is preparing an album of “tweaks” from Local Talk’s catalog of 200+ releases for November, and Felipe Gordon brings some new vigor in this package. His remix of Envee’s “Brotherman Part 1” (originally released as a 7″ single) solves a practical problem for DJs that want more runway to mix; this is 6:30 of nodding, cooler-than-Jules Winnfield deep house. Felipe taps into a deeper well for his mix of Corrado Bucci’s 2015 release “No One Can Stop Us.” I don’t know if a basement jam can be called “anthemic” but with those stabs, that vocal & that bass punch, it kinda is.

Felipe Gordon’s Reworks Vol 3 is out now digitally from Local Talk.

Felipe Gordon: Reworks Vol 3 (Local Talk) Track Listing
1. Envee – Brotherman (Part 1) (06:27)
2. No One Can Stop Us (Felipe Gordon Rework) (06:25)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.

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