“I Can’t Get It” is the lead track off the latest Flexi Cuts EP. Warm, hypnotic and deep as all hell, the track by Relative is also the best. It’s backed by a 2-step remix from Blatta – a pretty unusual choice in terms of genre these days but that’s just how these guys roll. Not to be overlooked on the B-side is “Another Day” by Tengrams, featuring a low-key Drexciya-influenced deep house/deep techno/deep electronic jam.

This is out on wax from Flexi Cuts, and they’ve doubled down on the aesthetics of the medium by including an “original polaroid” with the first 100 copies.

V/A: Velvet Series (Flexi Cuts)
1. Relative – I Can’t Get It (out of my mind) (06:20)
2. Relative – I Can’ Get it (out of my mind) (Blatta 2 Step Mix) (05:07)
3. S-DM – ‘o Munno E’ ‘o Tuoie (04:36)
4. Tengrams – Another Day (06:05)
5. Will Hofbauer – One More (06:07)
6. Amazing Analog Adventures – Thunderdub (05:27)


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