Footwork House Jam #1

Karizma, Byron The Aquarius, Intr0beatz, Lay-Far, Han Litz and more on this a 7 track EP dedicated to a club night in Moscow.

A merry day when you have new music from Lay-Far, and release #8 on his In-Beat-Ween Music is a special edition. Footwork House Jam is the name of a club night in Moscow, dedicated “to real house music and house dance culture… influenced by the sound and visual aesthetics of ’90s house parties in New York and Chicago.” They seem to be sub-genre agnostic, and that bleeds through this delicious five track EP from some of the more interesting and versatile producers on the House Music scene.

Karizma has been making music for dancing – I mean real dance clubs, the kind where people jack themselves to fucking death – for a long-ass time, and delivers a sparse, minimized and compressed knuckle duster called “Church Chords.” If it sounds like footwork reconstructed by a percussionist for Sun Ra, Nubian Mindz’ “Check Da Discotheque” is like early Underground Resistance deconstructed by a basshead combing through his chords for the one beat that will ring his bell again. There’s a ravey mixtape feel to Intr0beatz “That DUB” featuring Lay-Far (and that was before I saw it was called the “Tape Mix”) and a cool blue blend of smooth jazz and Bugz-era Broken Beat in Kid Sublime and Han Litz’ “Wings of Love.”

Karizma, Nubian Mindz, Byron The Aquarius, Intr0beatz, Lay-Far, Kid Sublime, Han Litz: Footwork House Jam #1 (In-Beat-Ween Music)

A1. Karizma – “Church Chords” (7:12)
A2. Nubian Mindz – “Check Da Discotheque” (6:26)
B1. Byron The Aquarius – “Nights In Jakarta” (3:55)
B2. Intr0beatz – “That DUB” (feat Lay-Far – Tape mix) (5:45)
B3. Kid Sublime – “Wings Of Love” (feat Han Litz) (6:21)

Digital Bonus:
1. Nubian Mindz – “West London Anthem” (Original Mix) (6:41)
2. Intr0beatz – “That DUB” (feat. Lay-Far – SMBD Motown Mix) (5:26)


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