On only it’s second release, Detroit’s Fort Street Records appears to be in very safe hands with this three tracker from local Deep House champion Rick Wade.

Opening track “Far From Earth” has a mercurial beauty, full of swirling, mournful jazz chords and echoing cymbals which make it feel both deeply meditative and somewhat cinematic. The solid, un-effected drums provide an important anchor, preventing the whole piece from floating off into deep space.

“Transcendent” brings us crashing back down to earth and onto the dancefloor, with shuffling drums and hypnotic chords punctuated by spine-tingling trumpet licks and vocal samples. This is simply expertly crafted, timeless Deep House of the finest quality. Final track “Wonderful” opens with the unmistakable vocal tones of Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell’s “If This World Were Mine” (also sampled in recent times by Chris Malinchak for his Ibiza terrace anthem “So Good To Me”). Rick gradually builds an incredibly haunting orchestral soundtrack behind the iconic vocal which almost brought a tear to my eye on first listen, I must confess.

Rick Wade’s Transcendent EP is not “big,” nor is it “slamming,” nor is it any other oxymoronic (or just plain moronic) adjective used to describe Deep House lately. What it is however, is a lovely reminder of what the genre should stand for: melodic, subtle, warm, intelligent, soulful, brilliant music.


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