I’m coming to grips that preaching to the choir may be the only sensible way to go about things now. Advocating for authentic music that touches my soul – the essential role of a DJ – is now a lost cause and it makes me very sad. Maybe I’m a poor salesman. Maybe everyone’s so incredibly high on their own expertise that to suggest there might be something equally as good if not better is downright offensive and an exercise in self-righteousness. Maybe we’ve lost our way, our focus, and we’d be better served by looking at ourselves and our community first before dreaming of inviting newcomers into it. There would be no better time and all these questions could be translated into some truly incredibly music.

The Triple Stakes EP from Four Walls, FunkyJaws and Saine is a great soundtrack for trying to quiet the mind and answer tough questions. I was completely unaware of these guys from Belarus and Finland, but in digging further into their catalog I’m thoroughly impressed. The authenticity is what strikes me most. These aren’t tracks to set the night on fire, but they could very well move you to tears if you’re having a tough day. They’re almost classical in the sense that there’s so much feeling but nothing’s being said. They feel as though they were made in the dead of night when the world is sleeping.

Ironically most of the world is asleep and we have to just let them have nice dreams. You never want to wake a sleepwalker for fear of causing irreparable brain damage (or do you?) Let’s all remember that as we move through this watershed year where Deep House will be on the lips of the many and yet who knows what label Beatport would slap on this? Stick together friends. We’re all we’ve got.



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