lineabeat 4

The economy could crash, Mount Etna could erupt and there would still be an unending flow of exceptional, eclectic Disco emerging out of Italy. Slow Motion releases a lot of it, and one of my favorite suppliers for exotic cut-clean disco dope is their Lineabeat series.

Now up to Volume 4, Francisco and Cosmo return with a pair of cosmic anthems “strictly for retro club use.” “Hey” is the modest title for a 9 minute epic of dramatic sweep, like the music of a discotheque situated in the no-man’s land between human and machine in the Terminator universe. “Radio 911” has the same insane grandeur – fuzzy voices from a police scanner lead you into a track of scrambled jazz, synthetic congas and electro pads. Each of these tracks is more than 9 minutes long and one hell of a journey.

Francisco & Cosmo: Lineabeat Vol 4 (Slow Motion Records)
1. Radio 911 (08:26)
2. Hey (09:03)

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