Home Invasion is Franck Roger’s main outlet for new production these days, and he attacks his work with the joy of a man whose beloved hobby has become lucrative enough that he could quit his dayjob and enjoy his labor. All six Home Invasion records have been dopeness on the installment plan, featuring raw tracks and DJ tools, minimum hype and a lack of aesthetic as an aesthetic.

“Vibray Shun” is more or less the point here: the A1 track leads with a kind of playfulness and fun that was common in the ’90s but has been steamcleaned right out of most Deep House along with originality, experimentation and a fair share of the best practitioners from the American scene. On “Immersion” and the 10 minute neurotic epic “Intruders” Roger primes the pump and what starts out sounding like something between Chicago Deep House and a jack track slips around you like a boa constrictor and compels you to move in a manner of its choosing. These tracks are laden with addictive little grooves and fuzzy effects and hits and snares that sound like the field research of a musicologist rather than a preset from a sample pack.