Franck Roger

Franck Roger has retreated so far from the niceties of commerce that it doesn’t even feel like splitting his records up into individual EPs is quite proper any longer.

This is the landmark tenth release for his Home Invasion Records imprint, and each EP has felt like links in a chain or chapters in a novel, each one distinct but adding strength to the whole or telling a broader story together rather than in separate parts. The names of each tracks on Home Invasion 10 seem randomly assigned and probably beside the point but he went through the formality so we will too, because while the names might be disposable, the music of the Home Invasion series is some of the most essential tracks being made today.

“In The Clouds” is a tightly-wound tech jumper; “Yabba” is spacey and stoned; “To Discover” (which sounds like an un-conjugated verb lifted directly from Google Translate) follows up with a still more carbonated galactic space anthem. Altogether a rampant departure from some of the earlier, raw-er Home Invasion EPs, but still in the same universe.

Out: Vinyl only release, dropped February 26 2016.

Published first in 5 Mag Issue #127, February 15 2016