Every month I say that’s enough, Franck Roger, it’s time to give someone else a spin. And then every month I find another Franck Roger track that I want to share with you. Despite those who questioned the wisdom of shuttering his old label Real Tone when it was near peak performance, the Home Invasion series continues to amaze.

As with the last edition, the seventh Home Invasion record features three good tracks and one great one. “Don’t” is an absolute gem, finely cut and gleaming. It takes a single note and holds it forever – it’s delirium, the type of song dancers will love and other DJs will sweat you for. The rest of the record is no slouch: “Toddify” is a playful homage to, I would guess, Todd Terry, and “Freeze” takes a tough groove and just drives it into the ground until you love it.

And there’s more goodness to come: here’s the preview of Home Invasion 8 while we’re at it:

I might have lost my shit over this, but I can’t exactly figure out why the scene is not losing their own collective shit over these records. Home Invasion is the truth.