Francis Harris & Aakmael Meet In The Middle of Mercy of Means

A perfect symmetry.

The perfect symmetry of sound and intention: Mercy of Means (which is a pre-nom best title for an EP) features one track by Aakmael, one track by Frank, one remix of each other’s tracks and one track by both of them together. Aakmael’s “Deep Muzik” is a turned-down masterpiece of off-kilter melodies that makes people dance in crazy ways. The remix by Frank is a spacey, jazzy number with the momentum of a locomotive. Frank’s “Part Song” is a muted and emotional track that worms its way into your consciousness. I played it once, pulled the needle back to play it again and did it three more times. Doctors in the 17th century once thought that “nostalgia” was a communicable disease, and listening to this evocative track makes me understand why. Frank and Aakmael meet in the middle on “Mercy of Means,” the title track of blurry synths and keys that mimic the human voice.

Frank & Aakmael: Mercy of Means (Scissor & Thread)
1. Aakmael – Deep Muzik (06:14)
2. Aakmael – Deep Muzik (Frank’s All That Light Mix) (08:15)
3. Mercy Of Means (06:12)
4. Frank – Part Song (05:56)
5. Frank – Part Song (DJ Aakmael Remix) (05:52)



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