Last fall Luke Solomon and Justin Harris relaunched their “fuck-the-mainstream-house-trends” record label, Music for Freaks. The back catalog now at your digital finger tips is coupled with new vinyl, remastered gems and most importantly new remixes of some the classics!

Part 1 of “Let’s Do it Again” featured Ricardo Villalobos and Frank Greiner’s remix of “The Man Who Lived Underground,” Tuff City Kids Vocal Remix of “Been Out” as well as an unreleased 1999 edit of “Instrument.”

Part 2 (now available on vinyl and digital) comes with a wonderfully rich and percussive take on “Washing Machine” care of Soul Clap. There’s a remastered version of “Robotic Movement” that originally appeared on “The Beat Diaries” album. Argy and Honey Dijon put in a massive brooding Tech House version of “Angry,” suiting the vocals arguably better than any version of the past (you’re done son!) Those are all available as part of the digital pack, and for the vinyl lovers another treat – a second Villalobos and Greiner 10 minute plus twist up, this time on “Eighties Throwback.”

Taking the relaunch slowly and carefully, there’s no preconception the full band is getting back together. What is inevitable: more remixes coming from The Martinez Brothers, Wolf+Lamb, Djebali, Mat Playford and Matthew Krysko.

Out: Traxsource, vinyl from Juno.


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