G. Marcell @ Noon

You had me with the strings. Coming in waves, “@ Noon” sounds like a classic jam band on a Saturday afternoon in a garage anywhere in America. Except their garage happens to have some unbelievably talented motherfuckers inside, squeezing the life and soul out of some antique machines. “@ Noon” is a brilliant track – it’s so distinctive it can add flavor to any set – and is a worthwhile title track for G. Marcell’s EP on Unlearn.

@ Noon (the EP) is like a lodestone for Deep House: you can go over this with a potential convert to the Message, unpack this EP and pull out all kinds of brilliant records that influenced Marcell. You hear some Larry Heard in some chord progressions, some Armando in the violence and unwillingness to turn it the fuck down, some of Gemini’s touch in the sheer iconoclasm of a mumbling acid shuffle like “Sound Thought” – or really just the whole concept of putting many different moods together on the same slab of black wax and trusting DJs to deploy them wisely.


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