g. markus melodymathics

This is a man or woman who clearly loves the sound of a synth and organ, the keys still cold in a garage and just starting to hum with electric current. G. Markus lets the sing on Satin Sheets, the new EP coming this month on Belgian outfit Melodymathics. I know little about G. Markus other than the records they make, which is a pleasant reminder of the days when aliases really were anonymous rather than listed in people’s bios and I had no idea what Kevin Saunderson or Chez Damier looked like.

The lead track “Tite” is the best track on here: a simple and squared electro bassline, keys dancing around like a lazy band just warming up, technicolor gel lights flashing over a dancefloor (and the looped crowd noise is less for atmospheric than another instrument in the mix). This is pure Deep House, don’t get me wrong, but with an appreciation for the surface beauty of music that is elevated to the world of sound design. The organ sings like a theremin on the title track; discernible voices (heavily compressed and muffled as they are) finally come through on “Venyurr” and the second half is on the whole deep in the pocket with underground- and afterparty-friendly House. On the whole a stunning EP.


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G. Markus: Satin Sheets EP (Melodymathics)
1. G. Markus: Tite (7:10)
2. G. Markus: Sundays At Congo Square (6:30)
3. G. Markus: Venyurr (5:56)
4. G. Markus: Satin Sheets (6:19)