“Prolific” doesn’t begin to describe Gari Romalis’ output, which I think could only be equaled if a lesser producer gave up sleep, food and sex and made beats all day. Panic In Detroit attains something of a psychedelic hyperstate — there’s a hypnotic quality to all three tracks that really gets inside your head and twists and tweaks the knobs and dials in there.

The title track for Panic In Detroit has an epic scale to it — like the remixed version of music from a mostly silent film that pans over a city horizon. “Final Frontier” is a luscious piece of deep house with a clap that will crack open walls and reveal the secrets stashed inside. “Hard Rain” subverts all of this and the genre itself by slowing it down, a heart at rest with acid bubbles popping in your peripheral vision.

Some records do the job; Panic in Detroit by Gari Romalis does you.

Gari Romalis: Panic In Detroit EP (Just Jack Recordings / January 2021)
1. Gari Romalis: Final Frontier (Brainblock mix) (07:13)
2. Gari Romalis: Panic in Detroit (Goos Life mix) (07:15)
3. Gari Romalis: Hard Rain (06:42)



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