Melodymathics is a new-ish label with a mission to “showcase newcomers” alongside established artists. Mission accomplished. I’ve heard at least four records from Gari Romalis this year, and though his EPs on Hizou and Dockside are close, this is the best of the bundle. “The Web” is a magnificent slab of Deep House – chilled without being sleepy, it exudes a kind of cool and swagger you’d associate more with jazz than dance.

On the flip is a track from a Spanish producer named Barce, which has some interesting instrumentals going on underneath what sounds like a cut up and looped comedy record from Richard Pryor. Kind of awkward, to be honest. There are also some samples on here – not beat tracks or DJ tools, but literally 7 second loops by Melodymann featuring a fat organ sound and sped up shuffling beats.