gavin hardkiss hawke love in stars

Most of Gavin Hardkiss’ output under the “Hawke” moniker has been focused around albums – that “dying format” more spoken about than listened to, particularly in dance music.

But the album is possibly best suited for Gavin’s “Hawke” material, which draws upon pop, melodic rock, cosmic disco, afropop, a smear of Tangerine Dream proto-electronica as well as House Music and its danceable British pop interpretations. If every DJ believes they have an album inside them dying to get out, Gavin has four already released, and a fifth on the way.

Love In Stars is that new Hawke album, and will be released via a PledgeMusic campaign. Similar to the campaign around the re-issue of the seminal Hardkiss album Delusions of Grandeur, Gavin is throwing all kinds of vintage Hawke material and merchandise in with Love In Stars, including the previous Hawke albums Love Won Another and Plus Plus Plus (both rejiggered), Namaquadisco and Heatstroke, stems, slipmats, colored vinyl and more.

As a note from Gavin (looking like a funky Carl Sagan, above) says, “None of this music is currently available on iTunes, Spotify or Pandora. You are supporting independent music by participating in this campaign. This is what going direct to fan looks like. Fuck Spotify. Fuck iTunes. Fuck Pandora. Support Independent Artists.”


(Disclosure: I wrote the liner notes for the Delusions of Grandeur re-issue and would have paid to do it.)


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