Every disc jockey in Chicago wanted to be the next Ron Hardy. Gene Hunt is frequently compared to him, but with records like this Gene can make a fair claim to being the next Larry Heard. That is the only contemporary he has from among his peers with records like Distant Lands. Gene, like Larry, has an almost uncanny confidence in how far he can push the envelope without losing his dance floor. Dramatic, sweeping synths and abrupt shifts in vibe hold no fear for him: he tucks them back in just shy of the point where music for dancing in groups would become exclusively music for listening alone.

Distant Lands from Inner Shift Music might be the sine qua non, the essential record of the artist, the epitome of his sound. Sterling silver percussion captured with analog precision are the rocks that break up crashing synth waves. If you listen long enough, this evolves almost imperceptibly into a legit deep house dancefloor track, but absolutely lathered up in vibe. Gene Hunt is a man who doesn’t just DJ for the journey, he lives it, I mean in his personal life and also in his music. These three amazing, dreamy but earth-bound tracks take you with.

Gene Hunt: Distant Lands (Inner Shift Music)
A1. Gene Hunt: “Kayla Dream”
B1. Gene Hunt: “Distant Voyage”
B2. Gene Hunt: “Open Up Your Eyes”



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