Screams from machines strapped down and beaten until they break and then pieced back together again: Ghost In The Machine makes unapologetically aggressive techno on One Louder (well it is, isn’t it?), their new release on Perc Trax. “The Holy Grill” is the holy grail: 8 minutes of driving techno precision tooled for rowdy dancefloors. It doesn’t so much as begin as explode, and doesn’t so much end as much as it collapses in a heap, unable to go on. All three tracks give the drum pads a work out. B side track “Hold My Drink” is more mental and sounds like the respite between producer and equipment having a go at each other; whoever lost gets back up and takes another swing in “PKSDT (What Does It Mean).”

Ghost In The Machine: One Louder EP (Perc Trax)
1. Ghost In The Machine: The Holy Grill (07:56)
2. Ghost In The Machine: Hold My Drink (06:45)
3. Ghost In The Machine: PKSDT (What Does It Mean) (06:01)



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