If my record collection is any guide, Giorgio Luceri isn’t just going places – he’s already arrived. In the wake of another EP on Chicago’s Mathematics (A Love Supremacy) that has been getting a lot of love, don’t overlook this release on Spanish label SAFT. In the hands of anyone else, this might wind up being a much harder, more tracky record, but Luceri squeezes the soul out of his machines like few producers can. The title track is a joyous affair – deep but atmospheric, ambient but restrained and dreamy without getting its head so far in the clouds it winds up being music for k-holers and no one else. I don’t know who taught him or if he’s some kind of analog savant, but Luceri makes these temperamental hunks of cold metal and transistors sing.

“Your Eyes and The Sea” takes a looser approach; less dense, the kicks echo and the synths are allowed to breathe in a warm, enveloping sound. Chicago’s DJ Gene Hunt remixes “Liger” for what he calls the “326 US Remix” (the street address of the Warehouse, memorialized in Jamie 3:26‘s moniker, combined with the original name of Robert Williams’ club). It’s less a traditional, straight-ahead remix than a further exploration of the territory that Luceri lays out in front of you, though with much more focus on Hunt’s famed percussion.