The title track of Glenn Davis‘ new EP on Yore is nimble, light and utterly compelling. It is the first of four outstanding deep house tracks on Better Daze, a name that captures the upbeat and hazy-eyed sounds across this EP. It’s been awhile since I felt like I listened to a record that got me high, and that’s a persistent feeling across the soft edges and deep, tranquil tides that lap against your frontal lobe like carbonated ocean waves.

“Better Daze” bursts open like a poppy in a fairy tale, a cloud of swirling psychedelic lights and kaleidoscopic colors like a wispy hive and you’re at the center of it. “Your Time” is a steady chugger, a gentle shake in the bottom while high tuned synths and keys reverberate through the ages. “Dance” is the vocal set piece of the EP and it’s still so mellow, so drenched in soul and humming along at its own pace, sounding like a classic unearthed from a lost Larry Heard jam session.

But Glenn Davis has found his own sound, and it’s as damn close to timeless as anything you can find these days.

Glenn Davis: Better Daze EP (Yore / 12″ Vinyl / October 2022)
A1. Glenn Davis: Better Daze
A2. Glenn Davis: Your Time
B1. Glenn Davis: Dance
B2. Glenn Davis: Inner Monologue


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