A bad ass acid bounce is irresistible when it gets out of the crate and pumped like laughing gas in the bar. Waves of this shit float through on “Brasserie,” the most lethal hardware-crafted cut on Granary 12’s new twelve inch.

All three cuts will get a proper response, but “Brasserie” has that serpentine cobra kinkiness to it so cherished on the early ’90s Chicago acid movement records from Armando, Rodney Bakerr & Co. “Acid Freq” brings the darker, sinister side of that mood, with a whiplash of a really, really nasty ’90s Woody McBride-style bite. You can never spend enough on or have too many records like this one.

Granary 12 / G12-01 / G12 / December 16 2019 / 12″ Vinyl Only
1. Granary 12: Diga (04:48)
2. Granary 12: Brasserie (04:47)
3. Granary 12: Acid Freq (06:36)



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