Rephlex might run into some legal problems over their moniker depending on what kind of braindance Richard D. James is having these days but for now it’s the name of a producer from South Africa that releases club-ready and irresistible deep house tracks.

GRTMN is a three track EP representative of Rephlex’s sound — they’ve clearly spent more than a small amount of time in crowded clubs because these tracks cut through ambient noise and put their important parts right up front. They get right to the point, and quickly.

“GRTMN” is built around vocal clips fused together and hand cranked into a devastating loop. “In Closer Time” plays with some rubbery horn samples and heavily manipulated sounds to make a high-stepping cut. Contrast with the low-slung “Still On My Lane,” which has that wistful end-of-the-night vibe. Closer To Truth has a knack for tapping into a rich vein of young producers and giving them a spotlight and with output like this they rarely disappoint.

⚪️ GRTMN Tracklisting

Rephlex: GRTMN EP (Closer To Truth / Digital)
1. GRTMN (6:30)
2. In Closer Time (7:14)
3. Still On My Lane (5:53)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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5 Mag Issue 211
Out January 2024

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