The Courtesy of Balance sublabel of Chez Damier‘s Balance Recordings punches way above its weight. It says this is release #14 on Courtesy of Balance and it feels like there must be more: there’s a dedication to quality that means you’ll find nary a bit of filler on any of these releases. Fired is no different.

Gunnter is a new name to many but he’s one of the guys behind one of my favorite labels, Rutilance, and his label Normandy Records has released some quality material in the last two years as well. He was clearly holding something back for this one.

Machine algorithms would almost certainly identify the title track “Fired” as “tech house” but it’s way too funky, with a jiggly bassline that makes people move in crazy ways. “Ninety Six” is a fusion of influences from the soulful side of Detroit and the techy side of Chicago, while the crazy effects of “October” bring to mind Spencer Kincy’s love of collecting and building tracks around obscure, off-beat FX from the strangest of places, like sci-fi films and wonky ’60s spaghetti western soundtracks.

Gunnter: Fired / Courtesy of Balance
A1. Gunnter: “Fired”
B1. Gunnter: “Ninety Six”
B2. Gunnter: “October”



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