hans bouffmyhre

A track or at least a title out of time, Hans Bouffmyhre’s Midsummer Beatdown arrives this month courtesy of Berlin’s Flash Recordings. Someone once told me that it’s a rite of passage to get your ass kicked; if that’s true, the title track is what I want playing when the young man coming up in the world first gets his teeth knocked out. It’s an assault weapon, taking a little vocal sample (“Dancing is a drug”) and letting the monotony lull your brain to sleep while the drums and acid hook work over your midsection like Rocky Balboa on a side of beef in a meatlocker. Robert S remixes “Midsummer Beatdown” with a refreshing freedom – it’s distinct enough to sound like it’s from an entirely different release, preserving just enough elements of the original to evoke muscle memory.

“Retrospect” closes out the record and carries the day for me: blissfully mental music here that dancefloors are going to find hard to resist.


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Hans Bouffmyhre: Midsummer Beatdown (Flash Recordings)

1. Midsummer Beatdown 05:56
2. Midsummer Beatdown (Robert S Remix) 06:04
3. Retrospect 06:29