This is, as you might imagine, an homage or tribute to the early Detroit Techno that Heathered Pearls was inspired by. It plays out theatrically, just like the muffled cassettes and metal tape bootlegs one might have first heard them on. “Belleville Renderings Part I” begins with distorted, clipped fragments of keys and drums and effects all smashed together before that thick elephant foot of so many early Techno dreams begins its thunderous stomp. Claps and a deep, deep bass push this forward while synths reach notes impossible to place in any other context. So much of early Detroit Techno – I mean Jeff Mills, Metroplex, etc – was cerebral in a way that the 10,000 industrial produced loops that followed can’t replicate because they have nothing to say, nothing to add, nothing they’re even trying to reformulate in their own words.

More and more of the nation and probably the world looks like the world of Detroit circa 1982 – out of work people reduced to swallowing their pride one oxy tab at a time as the environment itself seems to turn against them. Which is maybe the point here, how the “rendering” of an environment now more than 30 years in the past seems so incredibly contemporary and as important today.


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