For experienced and savvy producers, sometimes a chord, vocal sample, full acapella or an incomplete project can be blessed with new life and then a hit is “birthed.” Thus is the case with the new jawn (Philly colloquialism intended!) on Worship Records which crushes through the vocal stylings of Carlton Livingston. Long-time homies Brian McNasby (aka Ras Heights) and label honcho Rob Paine found their sweet spot with this dark yet melodic dancefloor beast. It’s chock full of dub elements on the music and with brother Livingston’s commanding vox. The Original version is pure Jamaican gold and comes through most properly with the vocal hook cleverly teased with cool harmonica stabs.

The two Original Dub versions focus on the musical master-work and let that shine in a dub-lover’s wet dream! I love the aptly named “In the Dance Mix”. The build takes you to a frenzy before Carlton’s words soothe you, but don’t settle in as that harmonica, FX and strong production make it impossible to keep your feet planted. NYC OG Joey Flores’ Joeski’s Tension Remix is my favorite. Sparse… in just the right way, it zooms along in an upbeat charge with lots of bottom and more of that “can’t get enough” dub vocal! There’s no “tension” in my take on this mix – pure heat! Overall, you will not feel “crucified” but rather soothed by this diverse musical journey.

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