One of our end-of-year highlights and certainly one of the superior annual label compilations, The Round Up by Detroit Swindle‘s Heist Recordings is a family affair, with various label denizens remixing one another, providing a new take on the past or a hint of what’s up for the coming year. They press it on wax and have some fun with it, and it shows.

As a quick summation, Makez remixes Perdu, Perdu remixes Detroit Swindle, Demuir remixes Makez, Fouk remixes Demuir and Detroit Swindle themselves remix Fouk. Confused? Start at the beginning: A1, the Swindle remix of Fouk’s “Need My Space” is definitely a keeper, a neon-blurred night drive through a city (any city you like). Makez work their alchemy with a deep electro cut from Perdu’s “Sacramento” that’s only missing Daft Punk’s pyramid from the scene. Closing it out is Demuir’s “Playboy Edit” of Makez’s “Random Visit” — and an edit it is, building a dynamically funky remix out of bits of flotsam and reversed effects.

Various Artists: The Round Up Part VI / Heist Recordings (January 2020/12″ Vinyl/Digital)
A1. Fouk – “Need My Space” (Detroit Swindle remix) (7:43)
A2. Perdu – “Sacramento” (Makez remix) (6:46)
B1. Demuir – “The 3nity Returneth” (Fouk remix) (5:41)
B2. Detroit Swindle – “Music For Clubs” (feat Lorenz Rhode – Perdu Culture mix) (7:17)
B3. Makez – “Random Visits” (Demuir Playboy edit) (6:01)



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