Three original tracks of sophisticated deep house and one remix by a Chicago legend makes for a very nice EP from Onda Records. GIM Productions does maybe the best Larry Heard impression this side of, well, Larry Heard, though you can also hear something else suspended like a thin, wispy haze here, something akin to the moody nodding grooves and contemplative, sonorous sensibilities of one Vincent Floyd.

I would have made the comparison with Vincent Floyd comparison anyway, but the similarities makes Vincent a natural fit for the remix. Floyd has no fear of making music for dance floors that dares to be called pretty: this is early morning hour material, shimmering, shivering, music for when the sky begins to lighten but you still feel more exhilaration than regret.

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The B-side features the more driving “The Fog” and a jazzy send-up called “I Need.” There are enough nutrients in the marrow of this record to occupy a deep house DJ that errs on the side of the spiritual for more than a little while.

G.I.M. Productions: Hertz EP / Onda Records (12″ Vinyl)
A1. G.I.M. Productions: “Hertz”
A2. G.I.M. Productions: “The Fog”
B1. G.I.M. Productions: “Hertz”
B2. G.I.M. Productions: “I Need”



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