Some people waited 27 years for this and the stock at some record stores ran out in a matter of days. Duster is a neglected gem from 1994, the price of which experienced a meteoric rise on the resale market. Hi Tech Criminal was an alias used by Toby Warren, who must have noticed the demand and dropped a digital edition of the Duster EP (originally released on Volume & Tension, a sublabel of Vivatonal) on Bandcamp a couple of years ago. That version said it was “digitally remastered from original DAT tapes,” and I would assume this reissue put out by Klasse Wrecks is as well.

The tracks from Duster weren’t included on Planet Love, the compilation reviewed elsewhere in this issue focusing on early- to mid-’90s electronic music with a psychedelic or experimental edge… but it could have been. The tracks here fit in that same sprawling genre of trippy tracks made when it all wasn’t technically “underground” but most of it was and the idea of nailing producers much less DJ sets to airtight genres was absurd. The sizzling drums, the squelch and its overall hypnotic, slightly evil vibe places the title track firmly in the era — but a much better representation of it than most of the retro tracks dropping trance and progressive elements into straight-forward techno in the last few years. There is also what is said to be a “lost” remix by Holloway, never heard before. “Light Bulb” is the epic track here (every good EP had one), clocking in at 10 minutes of adventurous techno. “Fried Squid” is the sleeper: relentless rhythm, proto-breaks and effects that with even casual contact will expose the listener to a contact high.

Hi Tech Criminal: Duster (Klasse Wrecks / July 2021 / 12″ Vinyl / Digital)
1. Hi Tech Criminal: Duster (06:47)
2. Hi Tech Criminal: Duster (Holloway mix) (06:12)
3. Hi Tech Criminal: Light Bulb (10:06)
4. Hi Tech Criminal: Fried Squid (06:51)
5. Hi Tech Criminal: Duster Bass Mix (DIGITAL ONLY) (06:34)

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