Still is the first single from Hidden Orchestra’s forthcoming Dawn Chorus LP, out June 16 2017. Following up on 2012’s Archipelago, “Still” sees Hidden Orchetra evolving (even more) into an entity that can only be defined by a string of adjectives – a tribal orchestral ambient jazz band.

Dawn Chorus will feature at its core a series of “field recordings” taken by Joe Acheson around the world, built up into sometimes grandiose and sometimes sublime opuses. “Still” begins with a strange rhythmic loop made, according to the liner notes, from “the sound of a fisherman weaving a traditional lobster pot in Cornwall.” (What else could it be?) From these artsy beginnings “Still” grows into a tour de force, a powerful seance of percussion and subtle strings, lewd brass and rich layers of God knows what else Joe has stored in his sample packs.

There were moments on Archipelago that stayed with you, like the memory of an elusive but pleasurable dream. I can still feel the train of pianos and pulse of doubled-up drummers that carried that record across the years for me. If “Still” is any indication, Dawn Chorus is going to be a worthy follow-up and one of the most ambitious records released this year.


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Hidden Orchestra: Still (Tru Thoughts)
1. Still (06:55)
2. Still (Edit) (04:00)
3. Still (No Drums Version) (04:43)