Sean Dickson was saving something special for the Aussies. Dickson, aka Hifi Sean, has dropped a new EP for notable Australian dance label Club Sweat.

Sean’s Love Is On The House EP showcases a riff-happy, almost New Wave sound with flashes of Italo and even a bit of racy ’90s club-ready pop. Everything’s going retro, so why not? If you close your eyes you can even visualize Grace Jones delivering those big meaty hooks from the chorus in front of an adoring audience.

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The extended mix is by far the most fun but the 4am Dub is likely to get the most mileage for DJs. This fits just about everywhere, deep and dubby with a bit of an electronic bite.

Hifi Sean: Love Is On The House / Club Sweat
1. Hifi Sean: Love Is On The House (Extended Mix) (6:53)
2. Hifi Sean: Love Is On The House (4am Dub) (8:15)
3. Hifi Sean: Love Is On The House (Demi Riquisimo Remix (7:15)



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