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Hugo LX continues to build a discography of classic-sounding but forward-looking deep house releases. The What Does It Do? EP was dropped in May, I missed it then but when I caught sight of it I had to get some thoughts down. This is seriously sophisticated deep house, with an artistry or cleverness that is constantly bumping up against the bin lid of what deep house is supposed to, in good taste, allow.

“Offcut (If Anything)” is a short intro (on an EP?) that is provocative and musical, with a melody that is either a human voice distorted to sound like a synth or a synth tricked out to sound like a human voice. It leads into “Firewater,” which manages to be both nodding and uplifting, a synth solo that flies like a robotic jazz fusion saxophonist feeling the holy spirit but never looking down from his shades. “Canary Gold Rims” is a step further in this direction. This EP is like dance music’s answer to The Nightfly, made as if Donald Fagen were a head.

⚪️ What Does It Do? Tracklisting

Hugo LX: What Does It Do? (Doma Music / 12" Vinyl + Digital)
1. Offcut (If Anything) (01:11)
2. Firewater (05:49)
3. Canary Gold Rims (04:22)
4. Surrender II (05:03)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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