Dark and dubby in the original, for how dope this is I’m putting a shoulder behind Ian Pooley’s collaboration with German jazz pianist Perry Colo to bump it up. “Together, Alright!” dropped in mid-Summer and the vinyl still seems to be staggering out to shops around the world – it was a new release at mine only a week ago.

“Together, Alright!” (I’m a stan for exclamation points in titles) is just ever-so-slightly off-kilter. Pooley is kind of the Father of the Off-Kilter House Burner, though I don’t know if he’s all that eager to claim paternity. On “Together, Alright!” a subdued deep house track through Pooley’s production wizardry gets freaky and delightfully warped and even more amazing things happen when you bump the pitch control.

DJs are satiated with an accapella and a dub which lit my head on fire. Very underrated track here that will tie together a wide variety of sets.

Ian Pooley featuring Perry Colo: Together, Alright! / Pooled Music
1. Ian Pooley featuring Perry Colo: “Together, Alright!”
2. Ian Pooley featuring Perry Colo: “Together, Alright!” (dub)
3. Ian Pooley featuring Perry Colo: “Together, Alright!” (acappella)



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