Ibadan Records Leads & Bites 3

It’s 2019, and with just a month to spare another edition of Leads & Bites arrived in the racks. Ibadan’s V/A series first appeared in 2010; volume two followed five years later lead by Jerome Sydenham’s gorgeous edit of Kerri Chandler’s seminal “Atmospheric Dub.” It feels like there’s a bit of the DNA of those records from this tightly curated series that’s grown free and wild in new forms on Leads & Bites Vol 3. Sydenham’s “Purple Beach” is a sharp, strong echo of the soft percussion and dubbed out chords as “Atmospheric Dub.” “Street Jazz” featuring Janne Tavi and Sydenham is a classy but dynamic and powerful piece of peak hour deep house. Lead track “Whisper Track (Dub)” and the close out “Soul Drums” are all about the beats, taking the love of dark drums to the point of pornographic delight. Ibadan never fails to deliver.

V/A: Leads & Bites Vol 3 / Ibadan Records / October 2019 / Vinyl 12″/Digital

1. Jerome Sydenham & Argy: Whisper Track (Dub) (5:11)
2. Jerome Sydenham: Purple Beach (5:59)
3. Tavi and Jerome Sydenham: Street Jazz (5:28)
4. Herb Martin: Soul Drums (Jerome Sydenham’s Raw Dub) (5:28)



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