Sunday Morning marks the debut of Individualist, who is not an individual at all but a duo. Haven’t really figured that part out yet but the Commonwealth collaboration between South African Wayne de Villiers and Canadian Rob Collomb make music that is worth checking out if “Sunday Morning” is any guide. In genre terms you’d have to awkwardly describe it as a construction of “deep afro tech” — it’s got elements of each of those and fans of records from people like Jullian Gomes will find a lot to like here. It is, in a word, “heavy” — a riff that feels like 10,000 tons sucks the oxygen out of any room it’s played in and nobody will be able to think about anything else until you blend out of it.

Individualist: Sunday Morning / SRNDR Records (May 2020/Digital)
1. Individualist: Sunday Morning (5:46)



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