We were here all along, from the first Infolines release now to the third and biggest of them all. Originally planned for late May, at a time when Hart Plaza would have been packed with bodies and lights and sound Infolines is releasing Under The Bridge, a new V/A compilation.

Track one features a paean to low-frequency oscillation, “LFOs are Tight” by ADMN and Mister Joshooa. The original is meandering and trippy, like a souped up ambient song that can’t help but get locked into a groove. If you want it spicier, Delano Smith fires it up with highly flammable accelerant on the remix. Both of these tracks on the A-side have a psychedelic luridness to them that is hard to beat, pleasant to the ear and a welcome departure from the staid state of music right now.

The B-side gets dirty with ADMN’s “Technology Is Creepy.” Put your mind to imagining what a track with that title might sound like and I bet you’re not far off. “Pink Panther” from Remote Viewing Party is the rare track that is both experimental and grounded in soul, vocals clipping like audio ripples passing over them and a shuffling broken beat and cut-up textured percussion. Amazing, start to finish, for this and all four of these tracks from one of the most promising new Midwest labels of this decade.

V/A: Under The Bridge (Infolines / June 28 2021 / 12″ Vinyl)
1. ADMN, Mister Joshooa: LFOs are Tight (Original Mix) (07:21)
2. ADMN, Mister Joshooa: LFOs are Tight (Delano Smith remix) (06:52)
3. ADMN: Technology is Creepy (Original Mix) (07:10)
4. Remote Viewing Party: Pink Panther (06:26)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by For The Record PR.



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