inigo kennedy tornado

There is no other genre on this planet that can pack as much information into six minutes of your time as Techno, at least when it’s done right. You can summarize an entire film, a book, a mass movement or the life and death of a man, city or civilization in a kick drum and dragline chords coaxed out of music machines whose operation is often more theoretical than routine.

Storytelling without words, “Tornado” is the highlight of Inigo Kennedy’s latest release for Token Records and it has exactly this kind of grandeur and historical sweep. Drums swirl around you as what could be a reprogrammed nursery rhyme emerges – a sweet little melody that almost lulls you into hypnosis. This is true of all three tracks, but especially with “Glacier”: I felt almost as if Brian Eno’s Thursday Afternoon had been remixed, not for the sound but the practice. Every note plucked out feels precious, deliberate, precisely in line according to schematics you can only glimpse a little at a time.

Inigo Kennedy: Tornado (Token Records)
A1. Inigo Kennedy: “Tornado” (8:39)
B1. Inigo Kennedy: “Glacier” (4:30)
B2. Inigo Kennedy: “Voyager” (7:09)


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