Inner City Sound Clash’s Biorhythm is an Overdose of Soul

An ungodly amalgamation of talent on Eleonora Cutaia's soulful album under the Inner City Sound Clash moniker.

An album that defies easy categorization or simple DJ-centric sorting, Biorhythm is the debut of Eleonora Cutaia under the Inner City Sound Clash name.

There’s also a huge catalog of contributors, each of whom seem to have left their fingerprints on this remarkable recording. Among them are some familiar names: Jaidene Veda, Wendel Patrick, Andy Compton, Stephane Lefrancois, whose talents were channeled, directed and refined into a record that is sometimes broken beat, sometimes R&B, sometimes grimy but never lacking in soul.

The title track functions as a wonderful intro: gently rising in pitch, like the kinetic energy of a wave. “What Goes Around” features Reuben, the first of the great vocalists featured on this project. Jaidene Veda is featured on three tracks, each radically different but somehow leveled into a common plane by her distinctive vocals. In moments this threatens to become unmoored and float off into the ether – the lustrous synth waves and gentle drums of “Love In Lust” make me wonder if the instrumentals aren’t even better than the vocal tracks, despite that ungodly amalgamation of talent gathered here.

I remember seeing the name Stilnovo quite a bit a few years back, not so much recently and I think the omission must be mine. This is a phenomenal debut album, one that can be played with headphones on and the soul open to receive transmissions.


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