If you want to know what a reviewer actually likes, ask to see their receipts. I discovered Inner Shift releases in the record shops, on Bandcamp, and sometimes even on SoundCloud. The label’s past releases from Jacksonville, Ewan Jansen, Gene Hunt and Brad P have stuck out so far above the pack that I’ve bought most if not all of them.

A release from Inner Shift is always such a wonderful surprise, and so is this marvelous V/A compilation. From a name like Collective Continents the intention should be pretty clear — musicians and producers from the UK, South Africa, France and Australia are represented by Mark Hand, Platform 001, G-Prod and Leo Gunn. Hand is the old hand here (sorry) and his jazzy, piano-driven “Take Some Chances” leads off the record with a deep house séance. Over and over I pulled the needle back to start this one from top, and when everything drops out but the bongos and the claps it’s almost inevitable that your dancefloor will be clapping along. On the flipside is G-Prod (apparently a pair of brothers) with the neon-baked moody deep house of “Horizon.” I have never heard of them before, but they’re on my radar now. Closing it out is the synthetic, rubbery tribal fusion of “Aheeoo” from Australia’s Leo Gunn, best known for the pair of Sea Change EPs on Dubbyman’s Deep Explorer label.

Inner Shift has done a ton of heavy lifting in their A&R over the years, showcasing veterans alongside new bloods, and Collective Continents II is a perfect encapsulation of that philosophy.

Mark Hand, Platform 001, G-Prod & Leo Gunn: Collective Continents II (Inner Shift / June 2021 / September 2021 / Digital / 12″ Vinyl)
1. Mark Hand: Take Some Chances (07:28)
2. Platform 001: The Last Letter (07:06)
3. G-Prod: Horizon (07:10)
4. Leo Gunn: Aheeoo (04:48)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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