Sick four track EP from UK producer Medlar on one of my favorite labels Delusions of Grandeur. D of G was set up as a sister label to Freerange to release less mainstream / more leftfield house, but to my ears, much of their stuff has underground anthem written all over it.

Best thing about this EP is that it could be four tracks from four separate producers, a testament to Medlar’s production chops. A1 “Interruptor” is a dark and uncompromising, heavy-duty yet buoyant underground house jam. It’s made from a rubbery bass, some fresh, intricate drum programming, a borderline-irritating vocal sample and at two points during the track it sounds like he accidentally lent on a sample pad with an 808 cowbell on it and decided to leave it in because it sounded cool.

A2 “I Wish” featuring the vocals of Kim Anh comes with a killer vocal hook, lush chords, a fire drum track and might be the strongest track on a very strong EP. B1 “Cable Street” puts phased chord stabs together with a clean, crisp rhythm track to make a space-house jam with the merest hint of techno flavoring. Final track “Turn Things Around” has a skippy quantize setting, more excellent drums — honestly, this EP is just full of really cool sounding drum tracks — and a pair of warm chords. Even the pace at which he opens the filter on the chords is perfectly done.

Super strong four tracker and a great example of Medlar’s skillz.

Medlar: Interruptor EP (Delusions of Grandeur / 12″ Vinyl + Digital)
1. Medlar: Interruptor (05:21)
2. Medlar: I Wish feat. Kim Anh (06:11)
3. Medlar: Cable Street (05:16)
4. Medlar: Turn Things Around (05:59)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.



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