Intr0beatz: Late Night Snacks

Musical feed for famished dancefloors.

Another deep cut with a little boogie in the bottom from Icelandic house yeoman Intr0beatz. Late Night Snacks gets the Truth In Advertising award for 2018 because that’s exactly what these are: musical feed for famished dancefloors. “Day At The Market” uses FX like a pro, making a straight-ahead deep track go indescribably weird and irresistibly wobbly. “Everybody Needs Somebody” is one of those big tracks that sounds best in a tight, confined space and gets a dubby remix from Germany’s Luvless. “Leashed” is the kind of shuffling quasi-2step that I wish we heard more of from producers reaching back into the Garage era for inspiration: it’s not as grimy as Grant Nelson’s dirty tracks but it’s not that clean either. Awesome record that dropped on vinyl in late October.

Intr0beatz: Late Night Snacks EP / Just Fine
A1. Intr0beatz: “Day At The Market” (5:43)
A2. Intr0beatz: “Leashed” (6:08)
B1. Intr0beatz: “Everybody Needs Somebody” (6:36)
B2. Intr0beatz: “Everybody Needs Somebody” (Luvless remix) (6:12)



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